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Motorhome rental

  • Insurance OC / AC / NW + Assistance
  • Full fuel tank
  • Full gas cylinder
  • Supplemented operating fluids
  • Tank full of clean water
  • Cleaned inside and out
  • Checked technical condition of the RV
  • Disinfected

Motorhome return

  • Cleaned inside and out
  • Full fuel tank
  • Full gas cylinder
  • Empty water tanks and toilet cassette
  • Replenished washer fluid

General rental conditions

  • RV rental – min 4 days
  • No service fee for rentals over 7 days
  • No mileage limit
  • Required documents: valid driving license, ID card (passport in the case of a foreigner)
  • The reservation fee is 30% of the rental value 
  • The RV will be delivered after the payment of the total amount due
  • The returnable deposit is 6,000 PLN and will be settled within 10 days
  • Required driver age: 26 years old, mus have a driving license for at least 5 years

Service payment

  • Motorhome technical inspection
  • Vehicle ozonation
  • Replenishment of motorhome operating fluids
  • Filling the water tank / emptying the gray water tank
  • Specialty chemicals: toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, chemical toilet capsules
  • Chemical toilet paper – 4 rolls
  • Training in the use of a motorhome

Equipment included in the rental price

  • Kitchen and dining room equipment (pots, plates, pans, kitchen utensils, openers, a bucket for washing dishes, etc., coffee maker)
  • Set of bed linen and towels 
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Bicycle rack and bicycle cover
  • Ramps (leveling wedges)
  • Connection kit, 100 m extension
  • Set for filling the tank with clean water, hose, adapters 
  • Awning
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Parking air conditioning – cooling and reheating option
  • TV
  • Additionally, we provide the possibility to leave the car in a closed parking lot

Extra paid equipment (one-time rental)

  • Set of tourist furniture (table + 6 folding Berger chairs) – 290 PLN
  • Folding dryer for washing – PLN 90
  • Berger folding floor – 90 PLN
  • Coffee machine – PLN 100
  • Outdoor gas stove + Berger cabinet – 390 PLN
  • Berger 4-person tent – PLN 80
  • Berger sleeping bag – 40 PLN
  • Awning vestibule – PLN 290

Price list of additional services

All costs and services are included in the price list in the rental regulations and agreement.

  • Pickup of a motorhome in a different location – the cost will be set individually
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the motorhome, emptying toilet cassettes and gray water – 1000.00 PLN
  • The cost of washing the upholstery (armchair – PLN 70, sofa – 120 PLN
  • Filling the gas cylinder – 3.00 PLN net per dm3
  • Refilling the missing fuel – no more than PLN 6.10 net per liter.

Price list

The price list includes gross prices. The final price of renting a motorhome will depend on the season, length of trip, additional equipment options and motorhome model


Mid season

PLN 640 /day

April, May (except 1-5), September-December

  • Unlimited km
  • Min rental period – 4 days 
  • Refundable deposit 6000 PLN
  • Service fee 300 PLN
  • 0 PLN when renting over 7 days
  • 5% discount – rent over 14 days
  • 10% discount – rent over 21 days

High season

PLN 730 /day

Easter, May bank holiday, Corpus Christi, June-August, Christmas and New Year, winter holidays (January-February)

  • Unlimited km
  • Min rental period – 7 days
  • Refundable deposit 6000 PLN
  • Service fee 0 PLN 
  • 5% discount – rent over 14 days
  • 10% discount – rent over 21 days


Several answers to frequently asked questions

A category B driving license is sufficient to drive a motorhome, provided that the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of the vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tons. Additionally, we require the driver age to be at least 26 years and must have driving license for at least 5 years
We want you to feel comfortable in our cars during the trip. Riding a motorhome should be simple and hassle-free. Each person renting a motorhome, before receiving it, will be trained and will receive a complete set of information necessary for the safe use of the vehicle.
Riding a motorhome is similar to a bus or a large passenger car. You have to beer in mind the weight and dimensions of the car and adjust the speed to the road conditions. Riding is comfortable because you drive slower, sit higher and see more. You have time to react appropriately, although the braking distance is longer. Parking is more difficult. Although cars have rear view cameras it is worth asking a second person for help. Due to the size and weight of a vehicle – narrow, one-way streets should be avoided.
Caravaning is a beautiful form of tourism. Renting a motorhome gives you freedom, mobility and flexibility. You travel wherever and whenever you want. You can discover and get to know new places off the beaten track.
The deposit is a security for costs related to the repair of any damage vehicle or additional equipment, the costs of cleaning the vehicle, emptying the chemical cassette and refilling the fuel and gas tank, if the customer returns the car in other condition that specified in the rental agreement. The deposit is settled up to 10 days from the end of the trip
A motorhome is a vehicle registered up to 3.5 tons of GVM (Gross Vehicle Weight). This means that road fee is often the same as for passenger cars. The tolls at the highway gates vary by country. For ferry crossings, tunnels and bridges, motorhome prices can be higher than for passenger cars, depending mainly on the length and height of the motorhome.
Information on fees in other European countries can be found on the PZMOT website
Yes! It is a great idea. Thanks to this, you can spend time actively and get to know the surrounding area. Our campers have racks for 4 bicycles
Traveling in a motorhome is not fast. Due to the weight and dimensions, the camper should be driven a little slower than the car. The recommended maximum speed is 100-110 km/h. 
It is also worth remembering about the height of the car. Do not drive into garages, tunnels, gates, etc. with a height below 3.3 m.
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